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Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010

[Film] Spike Drink Gang (1995)

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Lau lee Hung, the leader of " Drung Gang " was a prison guard at the men's jail, but was fried by his supervisor because of some illegal misconduct. He successfully robbed rainbow's $800,000 saving. Thereafter, an innocent student was drugged and raped and kept for ransom. Police officer got serious about the crimes drug gang is committing and sends for investigation. Rainbow and her husband are going to help the police to catch Lau ..…

Spike Drink Gang is an uneasy comedy, as are most Wong Jing productions, that is laced with crude situations and sparse laughs. Written and directed by Bosco Lam (Underground Banker), the film concerns a gang of thieves who inject downers into drink boxes at local convenience buy & bags around Hong Kong. They then follow the unsuspecting consumer until the drug takes hold, courteously help them out, then proceed in robbing them. This set-up opens the film as the unfortunate Ewong Yung succumbs to her thirst and purchases a juice box with a twist. She is subsequently mugged and when she comes to, heads for the local police station where officers Chan Kwok Bong and Lee Siu Kei (SDG's co-producer) begin their investigation. The gang continues to strike and their next victim could possibly be their jackpot. They unwittingly abduct the daughter of a wealthy businessman and hold her for ransom. The police then enlist Yung to help them in their pursuit of the Spike Drink Gang.

The sick story, that set's up the usual contrived, dirty elements, is the reasoning behind the Cat III rating. But the title and box art point toward a brutal movie. SDG is not, it's a comedy in fact. On the lighter side of the film there is a character named "Underwear" and the chunk of the guffaws are given to Elvis Tsui, who plays Yung's butcher hubby who has an affection for pork products and is left in a jealous rage upon hearing the idle chatter of customers ramble about his wife's supposed extra marital monkey-business and the possibility she was raped by the drink spikers. Tsui wants revenge and with his trusty meat cleaver, tries to exact itÉ..on the wrong guy. A copy-cat drink spiker. Tsui's hirsute victim is reduced to baldness all over by Tsui's cleaver prowess. A very funny scene, but out of place in this picture.

SDG has some ugly elements to serve it's patrons: a smattering of nudity, drugs, rape, bleeped out dialogue, etc.. There are very few laughs to go along with the nasty spots but not enough of either to give a high

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